Co-Vid Testing And Protection


Co-Vid 19 has taught us a lot. Something we never imagined and even thought of preparing for one year ago. We had no clue how a global pandemic is like. Every day and week we are learning something new. The virus seems to be mysterious though scientist will claim from time to time that they have got it right.

Guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures are written and re-written almost on a weekly basis.

Governments in the world have changed their opinions so many times with newer instructions and rules. Why? Because this virus evolves and behaves rather differently from region to region.

We have learnt from the mistakes of others. But have we got it right? We are still learning and a lot more is anticipated to come.

Testing Activity

The main mantra right now is testing.

This has opened a huge pandoras box to the scientific world and device manufacturers in the world to get the best test done. Accuracy in terms of specificity and sensitivity in a concern. Pricing and the speed of the test is an essential item on the labels of all these test.

Datuk Dr Kuljit Singh, Medical Director Prince Court Medical Centre at the opening remarks during the Training Session for Co-Vid 19 Testing

We need to be trained to do this test. Simple and casual swabbing won’t do. Do we believe we know how to do it right? We are always mistaken. Getting into the nasopharyngeal space is not the easiest thing to do. I am an ENT surgeon and I can prove to you that the nasal cavity is never easy to reach the back of the nose.

Do we want to create a big number of false negatives because our techniques are wrong?

Personal Protective Equipment PPE

Wearing PPEs like a surgeon before a big surgery is easy. But this is a different ball game. In normal surgery the attire protects only the patient from dangerous pathogens during surgery. But in Co Vid 19, its both the operator and patient needs protection.

Aerosal sprays, body fluids and droplets are the most infective transporters of the virus.  Studies have shown that healthcare workers will get infected if these body fluids are not kept away from the operator.

PPEs should be from head to toe based on the type of case. Costly PPEs which will increase the total medical bill and in complex situation it will multiply depending on the numbers of Health care workers involved.



Are we ready to accept this new norm for many more years to come?

Its not temporary. We have to change our practices and adopt to new ways. Survival both in terms of our well being and economy has to be balanced. There is no one solution. Risk is something we may have to bargain as treatment to patients can not be denied but at the same time serious health implications must also be considered to the healthcare workers.

The  year 2020 was suppose to have a glamour to it. Unfortunately it has captured a different type of unexpected history to it. We hope the disease decelerates at the same pace it attacked the man kind. So only time will tell and we have to be patient.

Meanwhile be safe and lets hope its just a temporary set back!







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