Debate on Video: Tonsillectomy vs Tonsillotomy: Lecture Series ENT Summit 2020

    Dr Jeevanan Jahendran speaks after the debate on tonsillectomy vs tonsillotomy at the recently concluded ENT summit 2020 early this year.

    This 15 minute lecture discusses the definition and the differences between both the procedures with its benefits. The speaker in his opinion mentioned that one of the main indication for the tonsil removal should be for obstructive sleep apnea.

    The knowledge of the tonsil anatomy is important in order to avoid complications such as bleeding. He recommends to use a microscope during the procedure and has better outcomes comparatively with head lights alone.

    Dr Peter Cataleno from USA then spoke on newer technology in the future which will reduce complications. He then offered his view on this debate.

    Datuk Dr Kuljit Singh
    Datuk Dr Kuljit Singh is Consultant ENT Surgeon for few years now. He has been active in the social media recently and this project is to further enhance the knowledge in ENT amongst the professionals. He has managed different medical professional and hospital associations and has written widely in the print and social media. Besides that, he has organized various types of conferences and meetings in Malaysia and some in the region. He has been invited at various forums and talk shows to share ideas and thoughts.

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