This is a website which has no physical clinic to get consultation from patients. It’s just a portal for information which is largely a collection of links from various other sites. The idea is to have genuine information and to demystify fake information. It will be updated as regularly by the editor and his team.


    This website is self- funded and there are no sponsors or any sort of intent to generate any sort of income. Articles are not bought or purchased unless its stated.  In the future should there be an advertorial, it will be mentioned.


    The Editor encourages ENT surgeons or related allied health care in ENT to post articles but it will be subject to approval.

    Contribution of Articles and Views can be sent to the Editor: datukdrkuljitsingh@gmail.com

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    Datuk Dr Kuljit Singhhttp://datukdrkuljit.com
    Datuk Dr Kuljit Singh is Consultant ENT Surgeon for few years now. He has been active in the social media recently and this project is to further enhance the knowledge in ENT amongst the professionals. He has managed different medical professional and hospital associations and has written widely in the print and social media. Besides that, he has organized various types of conferences and meetings in Malaysia and some in the region. He has been invited at various forums and talk shows to share ideas and thoughts.

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