This is a website which has no physical clinic to get consultation from patients. It’s just a portal for information which is largely a collection of links from various other sites. The idea is to have genuine information and to demystify fake...

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    Beyond CPAP and Sleep Surgery: Panel Discussion at ENT Summit 2020

    ENT summit 2020 had an interesting panel discussion on...

    Video Lecture from ENT SUMMIT 2020: Understanding Nasal obstruction

      This video will have Prof Dr Metin Onerci from...

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    Sudden Hearing Loss: clinical guidelines updates

      Review: Sudden Hearing loss is a common condition seen...

    Sleep deprivation – the result of the glorification of overworking

      People who take time off to rest are perceived...



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    Malaysian Society of Otorhinolaryngologist Head Neck 30 years: Coffee Table Book


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    Beyond CPAP and Sleep Surgery: Panel Discussion at ENT Summit 2020

    ENT summit 2020 had an interesting panel discussion on the future of sleep apnea and...

    COVID-19 Learning & Challenges: Series by HMA

    Log on to watch the You Tube Video: https://youtu.be/bYEC8dxr4Ug I would like...

    Write Up in MIMS Infectious disease: ENT webinar discusses the impact of COVID-19 on practice

    Source: MIMS Infectious Disease 13 May 2020 https://specialty.mims.com/topic/ent-webinar-discusses-the-impact-of-covid-19-on-practice ENT webinar discusses the...

    Telehealth: Collection of Evidence Base studies on Cochrane Library

    Innovation in Technology: Telehealth Co-vid 19 has undoubtedly made active changes...

    Are hospitals safe during Co-Vid 19 Pandemic?

    Patients fear that they will get infected with Co-Vid 19...

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