Post FESS Surgery with Persistent Headaches


    Full house FESS [Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery] is often performed for certain indications. How much will patients benefit in terms of their initial symptoms? Do they return back with persistent headaches?

    There are possibilities of poor drainage of secretion perhaps due to inadequate opening of sinus cells. This may cause re-circulation of mucous leading to accumulation of secretions within the sinuses triggering bio-film formation.

    Sometimes patient’s with FESS surgeries in the past with persistent symptoms can be offered with other techniques using balloon dilatation and irrigation of the sinus. It will remove biofilms which proves to give improvement in symptoms without further trauma to the nasal lining and structures.


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    Biofilms in chronic rhinosinusitis: Pathophysiology and therapeutic strategies



    Datuk Dr Kuljit Singh
    Datuk Dr Kuljit Singh is Consultant ENT Surgeon for few years now. He has been active in the social media recently and this project is to further enhance the knowledge in ENT amongst the professionals. He has managed different medical professional and hospital associations and has written widely in the print and social media. Besides that, he has organized various types of conferences and meetings in Malaysia and some in the region. He has been invited at various forums and talk shows to share ideas and thoughts.

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