Telehealth: Collection of Evidence Base studies on Cochrane Library


Innovation in Technology: Telehealth

Co-vid 19 has undoubtedly made active changes to man kind. What was impossible before is now very much in good practice. Social distancing and close contacts during medical consultation is a worry to both patient and doctor. There is technology to help us and one good example is telehealth.


Private Hospitals 

Recently IHH announced the wide usage of telehealth in their group of hospitals and it also helped them financially to take a leap forward in delivering healthcare.

Other hospitals in Malaysia such as Sunway Hospital have started telehealth initiatives. We will see many more hospitals will soon initiate similar platforms.

Cochrane Library

In order to understand the range and depth of telehealth, the Cochrane library has recently produced a great portal that enumerates the different level of evidences and the usefulness of telehealth. Its simple to understand and it will help clinicians and administrators to plan the scope of their telehealth modules.

Log on to this portal

Wide range of telehealth consultations with the evidence based details are found and it will be updated by Cochrane Library



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